‘Sexual Act’ on Flight, 24-year-old Woman Arrested for Mischief

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A 24-year-old woman allegedly had sex on an Air Canada flight with a 38-year-old man during the weekend.

The woman and the man she had an alleged sexual encounter with were detained at the Halifax terminal overnight. The Air Canada flight 610 was flying from Toronto to Halifax on Friday, Jan 24, 2014. CBC reported that the woman had become agitated once the investigation procedure commenced.

Sergeant Alain LeBlanc of the RCMP said that officers had been reported that the couple was allegedly "involved in a sexual act" while they were on the flight. The flight crews identified the couple to be the culprits and handed them over to the officers for further enquiry.

Sgt. LeBlanc said that the woman had got disruptive of the process. Thus, she was eventually taken under arrest due to the disturbance she caused. He further said that the woman continued to indulge in verbal abuse while she was being escorted to the RCMP office. She also indulged in physical resistance. Additionally, she kicked one of the officers as well.

The accused woman was, in due course, released on Saturday. The man, on the other hand, turned out to be co-operative during the investigation and he was released at the airport itself. The woman is expected to face several charges when she appears in Dartmouth provincial court on Feb 25. The charges include mischief, causing disturbance and assaulting a police officer.

According to Sgt LeBlanc, the couple are going to be charged further. However, he did not clarify what sort of charges they are expected to face. Torstar News Service reported that, according to Cpl. Scott MacRae who is the spokesman for Halifax RCMP, the couple was not engaged in a sexual intercourse. Both of them had their clothes only partially opened. However, it was unsure if they had known each other before or they had met during the journey.

Air Canada refused to comment on the incident.

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