Sexiest Teacher Ever? Nude Model Works as Special Education Teacher

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If you had a boring childhood when you hated going to school, there is a distinct possibility that you did not have Kaitlin Pearson as your teacher. The 23-year-old hot and sexy blonde model who poses for implied nude photo-shoots may be every student's dream come true.

Ms Pearson works as a Special Education teacher at South Street Elementary School which is located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. However, there were controversies regarding her modeling career of late. Ms Pearson is apparently quite proud of her achievements as a successful model. Probably, that is why she does not hesitate to post her semi-nude photos online.

Ms Pearson does mention in her modeling profile on ModelMayhem that she does not agree to do nude photo-shoots. She says that she does "implied" nude shoots, that too only with the photographers she knows or trusts. Probably some of the explicit but artistic "implied" nudes she shot with her trusted photographers dragged her career as a teacher into troubled waters.

Ms Pearson was suspended with pay on Friday Jan. 24 by school officials after they had received some revealing photos of her. The person who sent those images to the school left a note with the photos. The person apparently expressed his/her shock in the note that Ms Pearson was hired to work as a Special Education teacher at the school. The good news for Ms Pearson is, however, that she was asked to rejoin to her services on Tuesday Jan. 28; reported.

The decision to allow Ms Pearson to resume her job came after an enquiry by the school authorities. A press release from the school district said that the authorities were "confident" that Ms Pearson would exhibit similar "commitment" to her teaching like she "always" did before. It clearly shows that Ms Pearson's achievements as a teacher can never be belittled simply because she has another profession which is conventionally not pursued by teachers.

Ms Pearson's Facebook page indicates that she is in no mood to quit what she has been doing in her modeling career as she says that she is looking for working on "new projects." One cannot but appreciate the independent spirit of a woman who has the guts to do what she believes is right.

Check out Ms Pearson's modeling profile HERE.

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