Sex Toy Company Releases iPad Case for Fleshlight

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The fleshlight, the male sex toy to help men without sex partners to achieve orgasm, used to be literally shaped like a flashlight, with the hollow part where the battery are placed is where the male organ is inserted to simulate sexual intercourse.

The manufacturer of the sex device has launched an attachment to the fleshlight to further enhance the sexual experience of the user. The Fleshlight LaunchPAD is attached to a tablet, allowing the user to hump the fleshlight without using his hands while watching porn on the tablet to further provide stimulus.

The device costs $24.95, said Daniel Pacheco, spokesman of Fleshlight.

He explained, "We gathered a lot of data and people are moving in masses to watching their adult content via mobile devices, so the Fleshlight LaunchPAD is the perfect accessory for men anywhere," quote by Mashable.

Pacheco noted that products that would give males pleasure are getting more widespread acceptance like women's sex toys. The tablet could be used not only for the man to watch porn, but also to communicate with his partner who could be overseas or far while achieving orgasm.

According to the Fleshlight Web site, "Once fitted snugly in place, it will maintain its position during use while allowing full access to touch-screen functionality and exposing the onboard controls, like volume and power.

Gizmondo recommends users to clean the device of semen by using a rag or washcloth soaked in very hot water and wrung out well. The flesh part could also be turned inside out for cleaning purposes.

Soap could be used, but only sparingly, while owners are warned not to use oil-based lubricants or isopropyl alcohol since it could eventually destroy the Cyberskin. Fleshlight is selling the Fleshwash soap which has Triclosan as main antibacterial ingredient, the same ingredient used in hand sanitisers.

Fleshlight released a 45-second advertisement on YouTube that become viral that got more than 650,000 hits which created talk about the device.

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