Sex for Botox: Patient “whinnying” for Sex with Surgeon

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A "reputable" cosmetic surgeon in Sydney, Dr Fabian Baez, had been found guilty of professional misconduct for employing a sex for Botox operation among his four female patients. All patients were found to be young or psychologically vulnerable, one with bipolar disorder.

Dr Baez was a medical director of the International Centre for Cosmetic Medicine and supervisor of the Academy of Hair transplantation.

In one case heard by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Mr Baez was found to have sex with his patient for three times in exchange for one session of Botox injections. The victim was his patient since 1999. He was then a general practitioner and treating the patient for bipolar affective disorder.

The patient told court that prior to putting the clinical mask with anaesthesia over her face, Mr Baez had a meaningful smile on his face. She remembered him telling her, "Put this on. We are going to be having a party with this. You are going to have a good time." During her follow-up check-up, Dr Baez touched her bikini line and once again meaningfully smiled while saying "When I was working on this area we were both having a good time."

A nurse present during the procedure testified that the patient started acting differently the moment the anaesthesia took effect. The nurse said that the patient giggled uncontrollably, threw her back, kicked and neighed like a horse.

The misconduct happened at a beauty salon called Devine Imaging where Mr Baez was a partner. Owner of the salon, Patricia Devine, provided court with evidences showing that Dr Baez had acquired about $100,000 of cosmetic procedures.

Dr Baez denied all the accusation saying he did not know the patient who was charging him with misconduct.

But the tribunal ruled in favour of the victim

"The sexual exploitation of any patient is a matter of grave concern. The exploitation of a patient with known mental health issues is of even greater concern," the tribunal said.

Dr Baez was also found guilty of sexual harassment to a 25-year-old patient during a liposuction procedure and guilty of an extramarital affair with another woman.

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