Sex Act Viral Video Forced an American Teenager to End His Life- Report

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A 14-year-old teenager committed suicide after a masturbation video of him went viral on social media networks, his parents say.

The parents of American teenager Matthew Burdette claim that their child ended his life after he was "mercilessly bullied" over an embarrassing video of him posted on the internet. Mirror reports that the alleged viral video was filmed without his knowledge in a cubicle by a classmate. It was later posted on social media networks like SnapChat and Vine.  

Two weeks after the incident, during Thanksgiving holiday, the teenager took his life. Matthew left a note saying he "couldn't handle school" anymore.  

Parents of the child are now filing a suit against the school for $1 million. Lawsuit by Timothy and Barbara Burdette claims that administrator, teacher and other University City High School staff were possibly "aware" of the illicit video being passed around and swaggering that followed after. Despite the knowledge of what's going on in the school, Matthew's parents believe that the employees at the school didn't take any action to stop it.

"From the moment the video was posted, Matthew was mercilessly bullied, harassed and teased by students who had seen the video," states the claim by Matthew's parents against San Diego Unified School District.

Speaking to 10 News, Matthew's aunt Laura Mechak told that the video "went viral" and "beyond his school." She told that the video spread to the "other schools in California."

"Kids saw this video and began to tease Matthew mercilessly -- they teased him, they harassed him. They made his life miserable over a two-week period," Laura Machek said.

Matthew's letter also said that he has "no friends" and he didn't want to kill himself, his aunt revealed.

It is also believed that one of Matthew's teachers asked him to leave the classroom for eating sunflower seeds. This happened before Matthew ended up in the bathroom.

When Burdettes questioned some of the school authorities about the incident, they were not provided with the answers, according to Laura Mechak. Also, according to the family the child could have been protected under the law, California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act of 2000 and the California Safe Place Act.

However, Matthew's schoolmate, who took the video, has been reportedly arrested and the hearing for the case is scheduled for July 23. 

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