Seth Rogen Shows 'The Interview's' Controversial Poster

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Seth Rogen displayed to his Twitter followers the new poster of his upcoming film, "The Interview" with James Franco on June 12. And it was filled with North Korean soldiers, Korean texts, missiles and Kim Jong-un.

While the poster's focus was the faces of its lead actors, it reeked of politically-inspired graphics as they were surrounded by the things that were usually seen in the war. It also illustrated the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, only drawn in a cartoonish manner. Another notable text in the poster was, "From the Western Capitalist pigs who Brought You 'Neighbors' and 'This is the End.'"

This bold poster described the plot of the movie: Dave Skylark (James Franco) was a popular tabloid journalist. He was a favorite of Kim Jong-un himself so he invited the former to his territory to interview him. But he and his producer, (Seth Rogen) had another mission aside from the interview. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) gave them the task to assassinate the North Korean leader. And everything went crazy as they spearheaded to carry out their mission.

The trailer of "The Interview" was also as controversial as its poster. It started with a North Korean children playing guitar, followed by the series of wacky snippets of Seth and James attempting to kill the leader. Another hilarious quote from the trailer was, "Kim Jong-un's people will believe anything he tells them, including that he can speak to dolphins or he doesn't urinate and defecate." It was so funny and bold that Seth said to his Twitter, "I am incrdibly proud and a little bit frightened to present the first teaser for our next movie."

This politcal satire would launch fiery scenes of gunz blazing and tank running, combined with puns and punchlines, and the real-life buddies' chemistry when it comes to comdey. These actors have proven their comedic chops in their movie, "This is the End" with a gross of over $126 million.

"The Interview" will hit the screen on Oct. 10. Lizzy Caplan will join Seth and James to this hilarity and well, the impersonator of Kim Jong-un.

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