Seriously Injured Woman Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby Girl Hours after Crash that Killed Her Husband

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It was considered a miracle. A woman who was reported to have been seriously injured after a police officer crashed into a car she was driving, which eventually killed her husband, has given birth to a healthy baby girl hours after the accident, according to reports.

Rebecca Sperry was reportedly driving home from Edgewood Baptist Church with husband Jesse when Edgewood off-duty police officer James Foutch crashed his SUV into their car and injured the 22-year-old woman from the state of Indiana in the U.S. and unfortunately killed her husband in the morning of April 6.

"It was a blessing to have that last moment with him [Jesse]," Mrs Sperry told Herald Bulletin in an interview. "I knew he had taken his last breath. I let myself relax and lose consciousness. I was thinking about the baby."

The report said that the position of her husband's body suggested that he might have reached toward Mrs Sperry before the impact, reflecting a "final action of caring" as believed by their family members.

According to Herald Bulletin, Sperry received several injuries. A medical helicopter had to fly her to a hospital in Indianapolis where the doctors eventually performed an emergency Caesarean section as she was confirmed to have been nine months pregnant at the time of the accident.

The woman was scheduled to have labour induced at the night of the crash, and despite the tragic car accident that killed her husband she gave birth to a baby girl, naming her Autumn Marie.

According to Daily Mail, Lauren Schneider, a friend of Mrs Sperry's family, said shortly after the tragic accident that both mother and the baby "seemed to be in stable condition."

"We're just asking people to go to the fundraising page and donate and if they can't just to be praying because the family has a really long road ahead of them from hear on out,' Ms Schneider told the Web site.

Mrs Sperry is reportedly walking again with the physical wounds healing. However, the memory of her husband is still fresh as she was said to have seen her husband took her final breathe.

According to an report, police officer Foutch has been suspended from work and is facing prosecution after allegedly driving under the influence of drugs.

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