Serena Williams Shatters Glass Window With A Tennis Ball On The David Letterman Show

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Serena Williams
Age: 33 Net Worth: $100 The world no. 1 was born in Saginaw, Michigan and currently holding 17 Grand Slam titles. REUTERS

World no. 1 Serena Williams is back in New York to defend her US Open title but she made a quick detour to the Late Show with David Letterman to show the world her winning form and smashed a glass wall with tennis balls.

Letterman rallied a bit with the 33-year-old tennis superstar but the fun started when Williams showed her tennis prowess. The American's fastest serve has been clocked at a top speed on 128.6 mph, so no wonder Letterman wanted to test if she could smash a glass window with a tennis ball.

The tennis superstar shattered the glass window wearing a pencil skirt and high heels not to mention that she appears effortless in swinging her racquet.

Serena Williams has been vocal about her goal in coming into the 2014 US Open, which is to secure to take home her 18th Grand Slam title to match two tennis greats for the second-most major titles in Open era.

"Obviously just getting closer to tying with Chris (Evert) and Martina (Navratilova)," Williams said in an article on Yahoo Sports.

"But been doing that all year and still hasn't happened. Not going to stress out about it anymore," the world no. 1 added.

Evert won her 18thd and final major title at the age of 31, which is the same age when Williams played at the 2013 US Open.

Williams has been stuck with 17 titles ever since winning the US Open last year and 2014 was not as fruitful to her just yet. Back when she started working with her French coach and rumoured boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou in 2012, he encouraged her to embrace the title chase. Since then, Williams bagged four Grand Slam titles, an Olympic gold medal and two WTA Championships in a 16-month run.

This year, in her first three major tournaments, Williams didn't even make it to the quarterfinals. In her last Grand Slam tournament appearance, she took an odd exit because of an alleged viral illness but recently, Serena Williams has been on the top of her game, focused, powerful and ready for the upcoming US Open 2014.

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