Serena Williams and Lebron James Named ‘Athletes of the Year’

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Serena Williams and LeBron James were brand new awards to add to the long list of recognition and honour that they have received all throughout each of their respective careers in the sporting world. The Associated Press (AP) named Williams and James "Athletes of the Year" for the year 2013.

The "Female Athlete of the Year" award, won by Williams, was announced on Wednesday. It was the third time for Williams to win the award, following 2002 and 2009. Williams received 55 out of 96 votes.

Unquestionably, Williams had an amazing 2013 season. She has reached 13 finals and won 11 titles. She has also conquered the clay court season after winning 5 titles. During the clay court season, she has achieved her longest winning streak at 34. Williams had the most amazing winning percentage of 95.1%. Williams also became the first female athlete to have reached the $10 million mark prize money. She finished the season at number 1 in the world rankings.

In an interview with AP prior the U.S. Open, Williams revealed that she feels even more gritty and spirited, every time she loses in a match. She said that losing makes her even work more. "I don't get complacent," said Williams. "I realise I need to work harder and I need to do better and I want to do better," she added.

The next day, Thursday, AP has announced that LeBron James won the "Male Athlete of the Year" award. Out of 96 votes, James received 31.

"I'm chasing something and it's bigger than me as a basketball player," James told the AP. He said that his main purpose in life is bigger than just play basketball. James can motivate people. He also revealed how the young children are very important to him. He wants to kids to look at him as a role model.

The very same day that James was informed of the award, he tweeted his gratitude and appreciation to the AP.

"It is an honour to be named @AP Male Athlete of the Year," James wrote on Twitter. "Thanks so much #StrivingForGreatness," he added.

Much like Williams, James has done a pretty good job in 2013 too. He received his fourth MVP award. He also led his team to the finals and eventually, to winning the championship title.

The athletes of the year were chosen by a panel of AP sports editors from all over the U.S. Previous winners of the award include Muhammad Ali, John McEnroe, Larry Bird, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Aaron Rodgers, and so much more.


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