'Sensory Fiction' Book Can Make Reader Actually Feel the Characters' Emotions

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What if there's a book that can actually let you feel what the characters are feeling? The students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have made this possible by coming up with the book they called as 'Sensory Fiction.'

The book is wearable that would make any reader feel the actual emotion of the characters in it, Mirror UK reports. All of its pages come with sensors that are used as tools to send vibrations to the vest that the reader wears. Each vibration comes with a different pattern depending on the feelings of how the story was delivered.

What is 'Sensory Fiction' about?

The interesting project was led by the students from an institute that is known globally for successful private research studies along the eastern coast of the country. It was created by students of the Science Fiction to Science Fabrication class namely Julie Legault, Alexis Hope and Felix Heibeck.

The modern book entitled 'The Girl Who Was Plugged In' tells the story of a 17-year-old enlisted by an evil company to become a celebrity. However, the lead character Philadelphia Burke should be controlled for the corporation's interests.

The science fiction story was the one selected due to the wide range of settings and emotions depicted by it. The wearable book project then comes in as reinvented "new ways of experiencing and creating stories."

"The Sensory Fiction author is provided with new means of conveying plot, mood, and emotion while still allowing space for the reader's imagination," the team of researchers added.

What Some Authors Think

In an article published by The Guardian, another award winning writer shared his thoughts on the advanced book. Adam Roberts found it as an amazing idea but also somehow compared to the kinds of books offered to toddlers that come with touch buttons and sounds.

He insists though that it is still nothing compared to the emotions that are initiated in the head by the reader and travels into the body rather than through "flashing lights and pressure pads."

Will It Be A Hit To The Readers' Market?

This new kind of technology can certainly be applied to a wider range of novels and book genres but one of its creators insists that it is not a product idea, Boston Magazine reports. However, the 'Sensory Fiction' can certainly used by anyone to simply deliver a newer kind of experience to the reader.

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