Selfie Fail: Couple Plunges To Their Death From Cliff While Children Watch In Horror

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A married couple plunged to their death after their attempt at a cliff side selfie failed. Their children reportedly watched in horror as their parents fell 80 meters down to the rocky sea.

According to Mirror UK, a Polish couple was at Cabo da Roca on the west coast of Portugal when the tragedy happened. Their young children, ages 5 and six, who witnessed them fall to their death are reportedly traumatised. They are now under the care of Polish diplomats and are seeing a psychologist for the trauma.

Investigators are now looking at the reason for the tragic death of the unnamed couple. However, it's suspected they died after attempting to get a selfie while standing on the cliff side. Daily Mail adds they may have crossed the cliff's safety barrier so they could pose for a picture on one of Portugal's tourist destinations. Capt. Dario Pinto Moreira, who is in charge of the port near Cascais, informed Portuguese news channel CMTV that the Poles slipped.

Attempts to retrieve the dead bodies of the Polish couple started on Saturday after a Spanish couple called in the medics to rescue. However, the severe weather conditions on the Atlantic Ocean and the high tide made the retrieval impossible. So by Sunday around 6:30 a.m. and at 7:00 a.m., the medics were able to get close to where the bodies of the deceased lay. RTE News adds the corpses were retrieved on Sunday as confirmed by the National Authority for Civil Protection.

According to Daily Mail, the Polish couple are long-time residents of Portugal as confirmed by Monika Dulian, who is Poland's consul in Lisbon. The relatives of the deceased have reportedly been informed of the tragedy and are headed to Portugal.

The site claimed this is not the first instance someone lost a life just for a selfie.

Xenia Ignatyeva of Russia also fell to her death 30 feet from a bridge in Krasnogvadeysky, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The 17-year-old reportedly climbed a railway passage so she could pose for a selfie. She was also hit by 1,500 volts when she attempted to grab unto live electrical wires when she fell.

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