'Self-Driving' Cars And Best Google Features to Try in 2014

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A Google logo is seen at the entrance to the company's offices in Toronto in this file photo taken September 5, 2013. Google Inc said October 17, 2013 that consolidated revenue rose to $14.89 billion in the third quarter from $13.3 billion in the year-ago period. REUTERS/Chris Helgren/Files Reuters

Online users popularly know Google for Google Maps. But how about Google cars? These are definitely something new.

Once again, Google has proven it's not all about searches and emails and continues its innovations to provide users with something "different" that the search giant has always wanted. Google car is seen as the car of the future.

According to The Star, the hybrid cars are already mastering the navigation of city streets. But appraently the public is not yet ready for the technology.

"I think the Google technology is great stuff. But I just don't see a quick pathway to the market," David Alexander, a senior research analyst for Navigant Research, a technology consulting company, said.

While several plans are being reviewed until the Google cars will finally hit the roads in full force, Google still has a lot to offer that its search engine users cannot still use to the fullest. The most popular search has managed to put a little fun in work.

Somehow, it was able to entertain users with interesting features like Google Doodles and tricks like "Do a Barrel Roll" and "Askew." But how about other features Google has to offer? We use Google every day, but have we used it to its full potential?

Here are a few things that make Google more efficient and different from all other search engines:

Smart Google

With Google, mathematics is fun. Users can play around with math equations, convert different currencies and weights. You need to type something like $500 in euros to complete the currency conversion. English also has a place in Google. When you don't know the meaning of a particular word, you simply type define "amiable," and voila! You've made sense from something Greek.

Search by Image

Being the biggest search engine in the world, Google has established its reliability when it comes to searches. Many times Google has proven this to be true. Also, the search giant has moved a notch higher more time with Google Reverse Image Search. If you have photos of places, celebrities, brand name, an animal, or even a plant and you could not identify them, let Google identify them for you.

Simply go to the Google home page, and click Images. Then, click the camera icon to start the search. Currently, there are four possible ways to search: (1) You can drag and drop an image into the search box; (2) You can upload the image; (3) Copy and paste the URL of a certain image and (4) You can simply right click an image on the Web.

Google For Entertainment

If you have a knack for movies and music, Google is the friendliest of them all.. Perhaps you've seen a film where Sarah Jessica Parker starred, and you can't figure out which one is it.

If you typed "Sarah Jessica Parker" on the engine, surely you will get a line of information about her. If you typed "Sarah Jessica Parker Films," you'll be much impressed with Google. You'll be given a line up of all movies with Parker in them.

This is also true with music. If you have a Beatles song that keeps playing over and over again in your head and you don't know the title and the whole song, you can learn it by searching "Beatles songs" on Google first. Google will be able to give you a list of the Beatles' songs at the top of the page. Click one, and you'll have the chance to listen to it immediately.

These little trifles separate Google from all other search engines. There's always innovation, making Google, still the biggest search engine online.

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