Selena Gomez's 'Ultimatum' in Taking Justin Bieber Back

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Looks like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together - again. This counts for the umpteenth time the "Jelena" couple has got back on in the course of their two years together. Despite the happy reunion, sources claim Selena Gomez gave Bieber an "ultimatum" in taking Justin Bieber back. What was it this time?

Surprisingly even with Selena's friends desperately dragging her away from Bieber, Gomez has still reached out for the Canadian crooner. Well, goes to show that "Love will always remember" for the former Disney star. While the reconciliation is enough to make "Jelena" shippers happy, there seems to be a catch about the reunion.

Sources close to Gomez claim that the 20-year old singer gave Bieber an "ultimatum" before getting back together. Selena had taken the bad boy back in given Bieber "amends his behaviour and changes in way." A report by TMZ goes on to add that Selena will only stay if Justin "stops acting like a douchebag."

"Sources say that Sel had been hesitant about taking back her wayward ex. The pot smoking, the repeat car mishaps, the general brattiness is so not her scene. The Biebs allegedly used his many charms to win her over and promised on July 4 to change his ways and clean up his increasingly messy act," reports Pop Crush.

Given the way Bieber has been on his path to a meltdown, Gomez seems to be the only person Bieber is willing to listen to. In fact, reports claim despite Pattie Mallette and Scooter Braun's "good influences", Selena is the only person who can persuade Justin Bieber to do well.

Fans of the "Jelena" couple may recall that when things between Justin and Selena were smooth, nothing close to a paparazzi brawl had occurred. Point proven that Selena is indeed an "extremely positive influence" on Bieber.

Hopefully, Selena's move isn't all for naught and that the "ultimatum" is enough to make Bieber change his bad boy ways. If anything, "Beliebers" only want the best for Justin Bieber and if Selena Gomez is the only cure then they'd better suck it up and pray that the couple doesn't split up - again.

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