Selena Gomez’s Reaction to Justin Bieber's DUI Arrest in Miami

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Singer Justin Bieber's DUI arrest in Miami has not only shocked his fans but also his ex-girlfriend. His recent bad boy act has led to his arrest which has reportedly "devastated" and stressed out Selena Gomez.

"Baby" singer Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's on and off boyfriend was arrested in Miami on Jan. 23, 2014 for drunk driving and drag racing against singer Khalil. Reportedly, he was driving under the influence and had an expired license for which he faced brief jail time. It is said he could also be facing deportation due to this.

According to the reports by, ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez is "devastated" and stressed due to the DUI arrest incident of Justin Bieber. And she could not take the news well.

"She has been woken up and told what is happening. She is completely devastated over what has happened," a source told

More reports showed her first pictures after Justin Bieber's DUI arrest in Miami. According to these reports, she was spotted picking up a pack of Djarum cigarettes shortly after she left her home in Tarzana, California. Reportedly, she stopped by at a local gas station to pick up a cup of coffee and cigarettes, which is very unlikely of her good girl image. Her pictures from the morning when she received the news, has left her fans shocked.

Justin Bieber's DUI arrest has worried his near and dear ones greatly. More reports have revealed that as soon as Selena Gomez heard the breaking news she got in touch with Justin Bieber's mother Pattie Mallette. Sources told that even though she could not get in touch with Justin, she is keeping in contact with his mom. Also, she feels that Justin's former coach Ryan Good is the only person who could "talk some sense into Justin."

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were rumored to be back together after they were spotted riding Segways in Justin Bieber's neighborhood Calabasas, California. But soon after, reunion rumors were shut down as it was reported that Justin has sent Selena some very nasty text messages that insulted her. Nevertheless, it seems Selena Gomez is still very much concerned about Justin Bieber.

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