Selena Gomez’s Parents to Prevent Actress From Getting Back with Justin Bieber?


Parents of Hollywood's young actress Selena Gomez were both thrilled and relieved that their daughter finally broke up with his boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Selena's mom Mandy and step dad Brian are actually relieved Selena is single, according to a report of Life & Style magazine.

"Selena and her mother are super close, and she doesn't want Selena held back by Justin and all this drama," the insider told the magazine.

"Her mom always thought the relationship was troubled. Selena has cut off Justin. She told him they can remain friends but she needs space for a while to get over him fully," the source quickly added.

Popstar Justin Bieber seemed not ready to let go yet of Selena. "He thinks they could get back together."

On January 9, he tweeted about the album, "Excited for #20Days from now when my acoustic album will let u know how I feel about what is going on in my life instead of rumors guessing. Put it in the music. Guess all u want I speak for myself. #20Days." Justin's album will be available on the 29th.

However, Selena's parents may intervene if the actress reconciled and be together again with Justin, especially after the singer was allegedly caught and photographed smoking marijuana with his pal Lil Twist.

Selena is definitely moving on from her painful split with Justin as she was seen looking for apartment in Los Angeles after the Golden Globes 2013. The apartment is probably a single pad to give herself more space.

At the after-party of the aforementioned star-studded event, Selena was seen flirting with "Huger Games" star Josh Hutcherson. The friendship of the two can be traced a few years back. But, it seems that Selena put the recent past behind her.

Justin and Selena are in an on and off relationship after they broke up several times because of various reasons. 

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