Selena Gomez's Parents Felt Blindsided by Daughter's Decision to Fire Them

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Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Reuters

Last week, the parents of Selena Gomez received the devastating news that Selena Gomez will let them go as managers and is seeking out bigger management. TMZ is now reporting that Selena's mother and stepfather had no idea that this will happen at all and they never saw signs that Selena was dissatisfied with their work as her manager.

In fact, Mandy Teefey, or Selena's mom said she got zero warning that her daughter was firing her as her manager until she reads about it on TMZ. She felt quite blindsided considering Selena Gomez is not just an actress-singer she is managing, she is also her daughter. God knows how her own daughter could have kept it a secret from her and even allowed for her to know after the media already broke the story.

Selena's mother says she and Selena's stepdad sat down with the singer Thursday after TMZ's story  and asked Selena if the "Come and Get It" singer really wants to leave their management wing and move into a different direction. Selena confirmed yes. Any mom would have been angry about this decision, but Selena's mom kept her cool and said she respect the singer's decision even though she is having quite a hard time processing the fact that she's no longer Selena's manager, especially since she did not receive fair warning or chance to help Selena reach the "new direction" that the singer is hoping for.

Selena's mom and stepdad had managed the 21-year-old since her big break at Disney, remember Wizards of Waverly Place? -- but TMZ reported, Selena said she is quite ready to move on from her parents because she'd outgrown them and wanted bigger management.

Even with this bad management breakup, Mandy said she will still continue to produce various movie projects with Selena, including the upcoming "The Sky Is Everywhere." Many is speculating that Selena Gomez will be managed by Kardashian-Jenner matriarch Kris Jenner next, but the rumors have already been confirmed not true. If that happened though, then we can really expect Selena Gomez's image to jump leaps and bounds. 

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