Selena Gomez's Ex-Boyfriends Engage in Twitter Feud: Nick Jonas VS Justin Bieber

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After Justin Bieber's egging incident went viral on the Internet, countless celebrities have spoken up against him. It's not surprising that even the ex-boyfriend of Justin's current girlfriend, Nick Jonas, had something to say about the incident as well. In fact, a Twitter feud allegedly ensued between Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber. Where was Selena Gomez in all this online drama?

Canadian crooner, Justin Bieber is stuck in hot water after getting involved in a messy egging incident. TMZ was the first to release the footage of Bieber along with a few friends caught throwing eggs at his neighbour's house in Calabasas, California.

In the video, Bieber got involved in a verbal argument with the neighbour and right after the cops were called. Currently, the LA County DA has launched an investigation regarding the incident. As for the damages incurred, it is said to have amounted to $20,000. Aside from facing vandalism, Bieber could also face felony charges. Surprisingly, this wouldn't be the first time Bieber has been faced with such scandals.

While the egging incident may appear funny for Bieber, not everyone had the same input including former Disney star, Nick Jonas. While the latter might not have dropped names in his tweet, it was obvious as to whom the tweet was all about.

"Wait... egging is still a thing?" tweeted Nick on his official Twitter account with the username @nickjonas.

Egging is certainly something someone with a highly-esteemed status shouldn't be caught doing. Nick certainly pointed this out in his tweet. As for Bieber, the "Baby" singer didn't take notice of the tweet and contrary to reports the two were not involved in a Twitter feud due to the egging incident.

On the other hand, Justin's girlfriend and Nick's ex, Selena Gomez has not said anything with regards to former's egging incident. If Selena was of course to take a side, whose side would she be on: Justin Bieber, who started the immature egging prank or Nick Jonas, who called the incident out for being lame? "Beliebers" of course have their own say with regards to the matter.

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