Selena Gomez Wants to Open Up for Justin Bieber on His Tour, Pair Inseparable at Coachella


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are inseparable these days. After the two love birds were spotted enjoying the music together at Coachella Music Festival, there has been speculation in media that Selena wants to do a tour with Justin Bieber. The Texan beauty also revealed her intention to open up for Justin Bieber on his tour. Surprisingly Justin has liked Selena's suggestions and is working on the same. Whatever way they can, Justin and Selena want to be together.

"She says she could open for him," a source close to Selena Gomez told the latest issue of US Weekly.

"He thinks anything she says is great," the source close to Justin revealed to the magazine.

Justin made a surprise appearance at the Coachella Festival where he sang alongside Chance the Rapper. Selena and Justin were then seen watched singer Jhené Aiko play and the two spent the entire day together at Coachella. Though the two celebrities had huge sunglasses on and held their heads down to avoid any undue attention, their fans were quick to notice their chemistry. According to onlookers, Selena was also seen sitting in Justin's lap at one point.

"They both had on sunglasses and had their heads down like they didn't want to be noticed. Justin took the lead and was escorting Selena through the all-access area," the eyewitness told US magazine.

The pair even did slow dancing at the music festival but were surrounded by their bodyguards to avoid any public interventions.

"They were dancing slow right next to each other, swaying around. They were whispering to each other, laughing, [and] standing close together ... surrounded by four bodyguards backstage," a source close to them revealed to the Web site.

Meanwhile Selena has just introduced her Adidas summer collection and is seen promoting the same. The collection consists of very wearable clothes targeted for young and teenage crowd at attractive pricing. Selena has posed for the pictures in various dresses which include striped shirts, pants, shorts, tees and everything that a teenager can wear. The prices are also attractive. Check out the pictures here.

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