Selena Gomez Upset and Concerned About Sexy Selfies Shared with Justin Bieber – Reports

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Selena Gomez is reportedly very upset about her alleged nude pictures which were leaked last week. The 22-year-old allegedly shared a lot of sexy pictures with her on and off boyfriend Justin Bieber and is now concerned about the fate of those pictures. But the singer is claiming that these pictures are not hers. A Tumblr user has posted some topless and nude pictures on his page which he said belonged to Selena.

However, the face of the girl in the pictures is not visible thus making it difficult for anyone to conclude if the nude girl is actually Selena or not.  The "Come and Get it" singer is quite disturbed by the whole nude photo scandal and has reportedly asked her lawyer to look into the matter.

"Selena is really upset, she's telling people it's not her but it's hard to believe her since the pictures do look exactly like her," a source close to Selena revealed to Hollywood Life. "Her phone wasn't stolen but anything is possible in this day and age, people can hack remotely and there are so many sickos out there. She and Justin always send each other a lot of sexy selfies so there are sexy pictures of her out there."

The source added that the whole episode has made Selena quite "embarrassed" and she has tasked her legal team to find out who is behind the whole scandal. The pop singer has decided not to ignore the matter but take a legal action against it, the Web site revealed.

The former Disney star's fans are however not very convinced about the nude photos belonging to the singer. "Selenators" believe that the girl in nude photos has different facial features that Selena. Selena's chin is pointed while the chin of the girl in nude photos is more rounded in appearance. Selena's hands are bony as compared to the hands of the girl in nude photos; many of her fans wrote on comments section of various sites where the photos are posted.

The matter came into picture on Aug. 5 when a Tumblr user named lakalel33 posted several pictures on his page. Check it out here. Read more on the story here.  

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