Selena Gomez is a Train Wreck after Reconciliation with Justin Bieber, Friends and Family Worry

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Selena Gomez's family and friends (real ones and not those on her Instagram account), think reconciliation with the love of her life, Justin Bieber did not bring the best out of her. Instead, it set her back a million steps from rehab recovery, and turned her into a train wreck. Certainly, she is no Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes on these actresses' worst days, but Selena Gomez certainly needs all the love and genuine care she can have these days. Her actions convey so.

First, she posted a super dark Instagram pic with regard the struggle she is feeling after rehab. Next, she unfollowed the Jenner sisters and removed all their fun pics at the Coachella event. Then, she unfollowed ex-BFF Taylor Swift, boyfriend Justin Bieber and then everyone on her Instagram. With all these, a new report claims that her family and friends are really starting to worry about the mental and physical state of the young singer-actress. Many think she is depressed and they have no qualms pointing their fingers at the alleged culprit behind this: Justin Bieber. Friends and family believe that her recent reunion with the Canadian crooner has turned her into a train wreck, one minute chugging along happily, the next broken down and uncontrollable.

According to her Instagram, she relates a great deal to Mary J. Blige's "Growing Pains," the title track of her 2007 album. Selena posted the song's lyrics, somehow signalling how relevant the words are to her, which include the lines:

"I got every material thing I could ever need/ I got the love from my fans that adore me/ And I'm grateful/ But my love for myself is lacking a little bit/ I have to admit that I'm working on me."

The lyrics certainly say a lot. Whatever is happening with Selena Gomez now, "Selenators" hope she can recover from. She should go to family and friends who genuinely care about her. This may include Taylor Swift, who bailed from her and served her an ultimatum to prevent her from reconciling with Justin Bieber. The "Red" singer might have done a controlling and silly move, but she did have Selena's best interests at heart. Whether or not she loves Justin Bieber and Bieber loves her back, maybe they should put everything on hold first. Bieber went to Japan by the way, and he forgot to invite his 'girlfriend' along.

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