Selena Gomez Thinks Taylor Swift is Petty, Does Not Want Her Friendship

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Selena Gomez thinks Taylor Swift's reaction to her and Justin Bieber's reunion as very petty. The "Come and Get It" singer thinks the Number 1 Paid singer's ditching of their supposedly-close relationship is an overreaction, and in a way, very insulting.

If Taylor Swift thinks Selena Gomez did not choose their friendship over her relationship with Justin Bieber and therefore, should just leave the young singer actress and Adidas Neo endorser to her unwise decision, Selena Gomez is thinking the same. For Selena, if Taylor Swift cannot act like a friend, then she doesn't need a friend in Taylor.

"She thinks the way Taylor is dealing with it is very petty," a source told Hollywood Life. "Selena doesn't see the big deal with her relationship with Justin that everyone else sees." "She doesn't need a friend in Taylor if she doesn't want to be friends," the source also adds. Selena Gomez's reaction raised the question of who is acting as the better friend.

Taylor Swift's holier-than-thou attitude is rubbing off Selena Gomez in the wrong way. If Swift truly cares for Selena and has her BFF's interests in her heart, then she will not be leaving Selena Gomez for such a 'petty' matter. For Selena, it seems as if ending their friendship is so easy for the Red Singer. Therefore, if Taylor Swift can just throw her away like that, considering that Taylor called her 'the closest thing I had for a sister', then Gomez does not see the need to go and beg for Swift's forgiveness and attention. Taylor Swift just demonstrated how she is not the good friend that Selena had considered her to be. Moreover, Justin Bieber also thinks Taylor Swift is a jealous and bitter girl anyway. Whether or not Selena thinks the same, she still has not say. 

While both sides have their own valid points for wanting to stay away from each other, fans are on their toes hoping for this reconciliation. Even though fans are interested in how Bieber and Gomez will make their reunion official, most are more interested in the feud between the sweetest BFF combo in Hollywood.

Breaking up over a boy just seems so trivial. We can all just sit back and watch how the drama unfolds. 

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