Selena Gomez in Tears Due to Justin Bieber And Chantel Jefferies Romance Rumors Or Has She Moved On From her Past?

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Selena Gomez seems to have moved past her troubled relationship with on-and-off boyfriend Justin Bieber. Dressed in a cropped top and tan jeans, the 21-year-old brunette beauty was seen taking a stroll with a girlfriend on Tuesday morning in LA.  Selena looked in a pensive mood as she walked down the road while sipping a cup of coffee.

The "Come and Get It" singer has gone through a lot of emotional turmoil lately. Earlier this year it was reported that Selena is suffering from Lupus. The rising complications from the diseases were apparently the reason why Selena Gomez had to cancel her Australian tour.

However, at the onset of New Year she surprised her fans by taking a brief vacation with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. It looked as if all is well with Selena and with Justin's support she will overcome the alleged disease. But the reunion between the ex-couple didn't last for long and they ended up sending hate messages to each other. Reportedly, Justin Bieber sent his naked pictures to Selena laced with some unceremonious messages.

Then came the reports of Justin's DUI arrest, his alleged drug addiction and his romance with model Chantel Jefferies. A source told that Selena Gomez was devastated after hearing about Justin's arrest and she was literally moved to tears after news of Justin and Chantel purported romance broke out.

A source told, "Selena was crying over Justin and him being with Chantel. Vanessa Hudgens was comforting her, hugging her, and telling her to 'forget about him."

What added more to Selena's troubles was a stalker who had trespassed the singer's property. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) told E! News that, "The police were called at around 9:34 a.m. on Saturday and a 19-year-old man, Jean Daniel Garcia, who hails from Arizona and claimed he was there to see the singer in person, was arrested at the scene and booked for allegedly trespassing."

These unfortunate events have fretted Selena's fans and they are really worried about her. However, if her recent outings with her girlfriends (Demi Lovato and Vanessa Hudgens) are anything to go by, then it can be hoped that soon the 21-year crooner would find back her peace and will embark on a new journey of her life, personally and professionally.

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