Selena Gomez Talks About 'Come & Get It': 'It isn't about Justin Bieber' [PHOTOS & VIDEO]


"Jelena" fans can just about shut it on Selena's current album, "Come & Get It." Fans of the former couple, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, continuously insist that Selena's latest single is all about Justin Bieber. Thankfully, the 20-year old singer has finally spoken up on the album and cleared all assumptions.

Unlike Justin Bieber who has spiralled out of control since the break-up, Selena Gomez is obviously in a good place. From making countless movies to appearing all glammed up at red carpet events, Selena has been a reflection of all things great that is currently happening in her life. In fact, even Gomez's fourth album is a reflection of that.

"It's interesting, because I started recording about six to seven months ago, so I was in a different place in my life then. And then going through movies and going through the transition has been really fun for me," explained Gomez, adding, "After going through some of the most interesting, cool times in my life, I've come out a better person and it's definitely what I want to exude."

Apart from Selena's fourth album, "Come & Get It" exuding a reflection of her great life nowadays, fans claim it is also a reflection and a dedication to her ex-beau, Justin Bieber. Of course, Selena goes on to explain that the album or any other song included within is not dedicated to any one including Justin Bieber.

"Honestly to be 100 percent real, it's not really about a specific person. The reason why I wanted this to be the first single was because it exudes, like I said earlier, confidence and strength and that is something I'm willing to share with the world, that's the place I want to be in, I want to represent something good and be a good example. So, I think it's fun," explained Gomez.

"Come & Get It" is clearly a celebration of singlehood and the fun it brings. Justin Bieber or anyone else for that matter isn't the inspiration for the song.

"I think the song is very powerful and it's fun," explained Gomez about her latest single, adding, "It does have a little tribal, Middle Eastern kind of feel to it, which I love. It's very vibey. So I love that.... I thought it was a perfect introduction to everything else."

As of late, "Come & Get It" is on the number one spot on iTunes. Reps of Gomez claim the song will continue to be on the top following Selena's anticipated performance of it on Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards. For those who still haven't seen "Come & Get It", check out the video below.

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