Selena Gomez Taking her Time, Enjoying Life without Bieber

By @definemaych on

The previous months have been dreadful for the 21-year-old star which even led to her entering rehab but now the "Come and Get It" singer seems to be doing fine. Is Selena Gomez starting to move on with her life and forget about Justin Bieber?

Those who have been following the former Disney star would certainly say that she is well on her way to a better start as she tries to focus on her career and herself without minding the news on the current status of her former beau. She is now starting to get active in her Instagram and Twitter account wherein she keeps her fans updated on her current status.

A picture of her drinking some milkshake with a friend was posted earlier on her Instagram account. This only shows that she is currently enjoying her time with the company of friends. Many believe that entering the rehab facility Green Meadows did her good because she came out refreshed and seem to be handling her separation with Bieber well.

However, the rehabilitation program that was supposed to be 45 days in total was cut short when Selena went out to attend the Sundance Film Festival to support her co-stars Billy Crudup and William H. Macy in promoting their new film "Rudderless."

Bieber, on the other hand, is making waves and headlines with his arrest and other legal problems. Hence, this may be the reason why friends of Selena are keeping the Pop star away from her former love in order to heal and get back on her feet.

Recently, she also went to London together with her friend Samantha Droke and had several photographs with her fans. Several insiders believe that Niall Horan might be the reason why she went on to the other side of the globe. She has not released any statement on why she went to London but rumours on a budding relationship between the actress and the One Direction star is surfacing. 

Photos of the two have been seen while Selena was in London and some were even posted by fans. The two parties did not deny nor affirm any of these speculations but their fans seem to like the idea of the two pairing up.

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