Selena Gomez Suffered Breakdown After Justin Bieber Split?

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Justin Bieber had suffered a break down following his split from Selena Gomez earlier this year. Now, the tables have turned and rumour has it that Selena Gomez is suffering the heartbreak from the split these last few weeks. What exactly is happening to Selena Gomez?

The former "Disney" star, Selena Gomez, has appeared quite happy in recent interviews. For one, the split from Justin Bieber isn't weighing Gomez down but that is exactly the opposite of what's happening in real life. According to a source, Selena Gomez had a mental breakdown before her interview with 99.9 FM at Toronto.

"Selena was on a promotional tour for her new album, and she was at the station to tape a sit-down interview with the morning team of Mad Dog and Maura," says the source, adding, "The first thing her rep did was tell the staff that they could ask Selena no questions whatsoever about Justin."

For starters, everything had gone smoothly not until the morning team pulled a "playful prank" on Gomez.

"They suddenly played an audio tape of news clips about all of Justin's misbehaving, and they jokingly asked Selena to get back together with Justin, who was born in Canada, 'for the sake if out torn nation.' It clearly caught Selena off guard - and she began to cry!" stated the eyewitness at the station, adding, "People stood in the hallway in shock as Selena rushed sobbing from the studio, tears streaming down her cheeks."

The drama didn't stop there because a representative of Selena Gomez made sure to confront the studio about the "funny prank." Selena's rep had allegedly berated the studio executive for 10 minutes where at one point yells could be heard from the hallway.

"In my 14 years in the industry, I've never seen anything so f**king unprofessional!" shared the eyewitness.

Gomez had eventually calmed down and the interview continued as planned. Yet, with what took place that day, the interview never even aired. Obviously, Selena Gomez is pretty much affected by all the drama in Justin Bieber's life to say for certain that a connection between them is still fresh on their minds.

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