Selena Gomez Still Refuses to Date Post-Biebs Split; Disney Star Reveals What She Wouldn’t Do for Love [PHOTO/VIDEO]

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Selena Gomez still refuses to go out on romantic dates, following her split from Canadian sensation, Justin Bieber. The singer revealed however, that she has been asked out once but declined the invitation. The Disney star also revealed in a recent interview what she wouldn’t do for love.

The Bling Ring star may have been romantically linked with fellow stars, including Ed Sheeran. But the “Come and Get It,” singer insists she has not dated anybody since breaking up with Bieber. Without disclosing his identity, Selena revealed that she was asked once on a date, but noted what she said to her admirer.

“Do you know I've been asked out on one date though?” Selena began as she shared her life post-Biebs in an interview with Zach Sang, before adding, “I'm not gonna say who asked me on a date...I'll say what I said to that boy.”

When pushed, the singer responded saying what she told him instead.

She recalled, “I said 'thank you very much, but I'm not in a place where I wanna date right now.’”

Meanwhile, Selena’s ex may look as like a whole package - - the star may have it all. Selena has the looks, the talent both singing and acting, a grounded demeanor and wholesome image she still tries to protect.

The actress maintains however, that these do not sit well for some, when she said that others criticize her for being wholesome. Speaking out about her haters, Selena reveals she had experienced being told “not being sexy enough.”

“Every day I get told I’m not sexy enough or I’m not cool enough or if I did this or if I did that, I would have people love me,” Selena was quoted as opening about her haters by the MTV News.

She declared however, that she has no plans on changing who she is and what she believes in so that fans and critics will love her and not throw criticisms at her.

Selena declared, “I don’t have to do any of that to have love!”

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