Selena Gomez Sports NEO Adidas Designs [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

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Music, television, movies, world change and fashion are a few things former Disney princess, Selena Gomez has managed in her life. If there is one thing missing it would probably be the involvement in sports.

Selena Gomez doesn't have to sweat a muscle for that because the 20-year old has been signed up as a style icon and designer for the Adidas teen label, NEO.

Despite a bump in the road in her relationship with Justin Bieber, the press and the paparazzi aren't bringing Selena Gomez down. If anything, Gomez is pretty much focused on the better things in life. Recently, Gomez was caught up filming a comeback-reunion movie for Disney's "Wizards of Waverly Place." Right after, Gomez headed off to New York to receive the prestigious award of "Glamour's Woman of the Year 2012" award.

Justin Bieber and the alleged break-up were definitely not on Gomez's mind. Now, something else has gotten the 20-year olds attention and it would be being the designer and style icon for NEO Adidas. Is there anything this lovely Latina can't do? Obviously, there isn't.

While having to deal with her own fashion brand, Dream Out Loud, Selena still feels a bit inexperienced especially having to design a top sports fashion brand.

"They know what's going to happen in 2014!" explains Selena, adding, "They know all the hip stuff, so I almost feel like the underdog coming in and learning about the whole design process."

The NEO Adidas collection featuring Gomez's designs is set to be released next year. 2013 is proving to be quite the challenging year for Gomez apart from the NEO Adidas designs because it is also the same year the provocative film, "Spring Breakers" debuts.

"It was hard at first to step into something that was completely out of my comfort zone in all ways possible. But Harmony is the best, and I really trusted him," said Selena, adding, "It was challenging, and I'm definitely proud of it. It's a different kind of movie, though. I was warning my fans, it might not be for everybody."

Apart from the NEO Adidas collection and the "Spring Breakers" film out by 2013, fans of Selena will also be delighted to hear that Gomez is also set to release another album by March. So while Justin is casually trying to fix things together between him and Selena, Gomez on the other hand is busy making waves in the industry. Who's the user now?

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