Selena Gomez Spills 1D: 'I'd Kiss Zayn Malik'

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Zayn Malik is currently under fire following an alleged cheating scandal with an Australian waitress, Courtney Webb. In spite of the allegations, Justin Bieber had expressed his support for the One Direction singer. It's obvious there's a strong bromance between Zayn and Justin but what if one girl gets in the way?

Selena Gomez is enjoying the single life and it's quite obvious from her recent shoots that Justin Bieber is the last person on her mind. Now, what would happen if Selena would eye Justin Bieber's close friend as her next beau? Things aren't likely to be the same that is.

"Directioners" and "Beliebers" know that Justin Bieber is quite close with Zayn Malik. The two had spent a lot of time together in the studio and at home doing what boys do best. Some however don't know about Zayn's little crush on Selena Gomez.

The boys of 1D were asked to point out among a dozen Hollywood female celebrity photos who they would most likely smooch. Malik had pointed out to Selena's photo.

"I'd definitely kiss her," said Zayn in the radio interview with NRJ.

At that time, Selena was currently in a relationship with Bieber thus she had no comment on the matter. Now that Bieber is out of the picture, in a recent interview, Selena dished on her 1D crush and it would be none other than Zayn Malik. Is this a coincidence?

In an interview with ExtraTV during the Nylon Magazine party of which Selena Gomez was the cover girl, Gomez blurted out on who among the One Direction boys she'd kiss.

"That's really nice, I love all of them, they're so sweet, they're really good guys," shared Selena suddenly adding, "Oh no, Zayn!"

Now what would Justin Bieber say to all that? Surely Zayn would back off from Bieber's ex-girlfriend. The cheating scandal still isn't cleared up which would make Zayn busy on other things plus from what fans know, Zayn is still in a relationship with Perrie Edwards. This little crush on Selena Gomez could probably wait a bit longer.

While Perrie Edwards has remained mum about the issues, one thing for sure if Edwards doesn't fix things with Zayn, a certain Latina is ready to catch him with arms wide open.

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