Selena Gomez Rushes to Justin Bieber’s Side as Felony Charges Filed Against Him

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Disney Darlings Gone Delinquent, Jail and Rehab Plus More
Selena Gomez entered rehab early in March. “Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse,” claims rep for the "Come & Get It" singer. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Estranged couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back in each other's arm as the "Baby" singer posted a sexy selfie of the two of them together last week on Instagram. Expected to be charged on Monday, June 16, TMZ reports that the Canadian singer will be convicted with misdemeanor or felony charges in connection with that egging incident.

"If we don't charge him with a felony we ruin precedent for every other felony case we want to charge," a source told TMZ for a mere misdemeanor charge would be outrageous. The Web site also broke the news that Bieber allegedly egged his neighbor's house in January, and the cops have surveillance videos to prove that Justin is behind the incident.

With a total of $20k to repair the damage, the owner claimed that he and his 13-year-old daughter were face to face with the Hollywood star, so now the case is being reviewed "at the highest level." The publication assumed that D.A. Jackie Lacey will make the final call about Justin's conviction.

On the other hand, the "Jelena" duo confused fans with regards to their reunion thanks to a photo posted by Bieber on Instagram. Deleted almost immediately, the photo features the two young lovers embracing each other in a black and white photo.

"Selena flew to Canada to spend the weekend with Justin on June 7," based on a report posted on Hollywood Life. "Even after all they've been through, these two can't seem to cut each other out of their lives completely...These two on-again-off-again stars are no strangers to showing their love...Justin proved his love for Selena once again at her 21st birthday party."

It wasn't a long time ago that the "Spring Breakers" star went to Nepal for a soul searching trip and made a commitment to take care of herself. But it seems that the time in Nepal did not do her any good as she is back with her old way, and that is running back to her old flame whenever he is caught with another trouble.

Selena was photographed recently at the 2014 MuchMusic Award and won the Favourite International Artist/Group on Sunday, June 15. The singer was head to head with Miley Cyrus but end up winning the award that made the twerking queen question the voting system of the award body.

Cyrus tweeted her loss saying: "wigged woting wis wack wust wayin." The Donald Duck impression reads: "Rigged voting is wack just sayin."

To answer her accusation, the MMVA tweeted last week saying, "Anyone saying our voting is "rigged" should know that we have our own reliable tracking system."

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