Selena Gomez Reportedly Urged Back into Rehab, Singer Stressed Over Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato - Reports

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Selena was diagnosed with lupus several years ago
Her grandfather Ricardo Gomez told the press that the young pop star was suffering from lupus since several years but is getting along well with the treatments. REUTERS

Selena Gomez has reportedly been urged to go back to rehab by her friends and relatives, new reports by Hollywood Life are suggesting adding that Selena is showing signs of stress yet again. The "Come and Get It" singer spent two weeks at the Dawn of the Meadows treatment facility located in Wickenburg, Arizona for treatment from extreme stress and anxiety in January.

The 21-year-old is back with her on and off boyfriend Justin Bieber and that is what is stressing her out, the Web site suggests. The couple spent some good and quality time and Selena also attended Justin's dad Jeremy Bieber's birthday bash.  But as soon as Selena left, Justin was back to his womanizing and partying ways.

The "Baby" singer was seen with a new girl Chantel Jeffries who posed with the singer in many Instagram pictures which were reportedly taken in Justin's bedroom. Chantel is the same girl who was with Justin Bieber when he was caught in Miami while DUI and drag racing. The two have been seen together on earlier occasions too.

Selena is reportedly not happy seeing Justin get back to Chantel, the Web site suggested some time back adding that the Texan beauty was "hysterical" and "inconsolable" when she came to know about Justin and Chantel. Read more about it here.

Justin reportedly spent the recent America's Independence Day (Fourth of July holiday weekend) surrounded by many unknown women on a yacht in Miami while Selena was with her own friends. Though she looked happy in the holiday pictures, her friends believe that she is under a lot of stress due to Justin Bieber's on-and-off relationship and his being with several women.

"She is a mess over what Justin has been doing to her, and how he has played with her emotions," a source close to the singer revealed to the Web site. Selena is also stressed because of recent fallout with her good friend Demi Lovato. Demi recently un-followed Selena on Twitter.

"She really is taking things hard with the Justin and Demi drama. Family and friends are stressing to Selena that she should enter rehab," the source added. 

A representative of Selena Gomez has yet spoken up with regards to the rehab reports.

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