Selena Gomez Radiates Love in Adidas Neo Photoshoot, Is This an Afterglow from Justin Bieber's Love?

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A flat midriff is no contest to a bright smile when making anyone shine on a commercial shoot, but Selena Gomez has both so who can compete with her? The 21 year-old "Come and Get It" singer looked really relaxed and upbeat, while effortlessly beautiful when filming a commercial for Adidas NEO in New York on March 11.  Just fresh from her steamy reunion with ex-boyfriend (or on-again boyfriend?), Justin Bieber, love must be the culprit for the singer actress's huge smile and happy glow.

While Taylor Swift bristles about Selena's decision to reunite with Justin Bieber in Texas and the dirty dancing video generated from this short rendezvous, Selena Gomez did not let this affect her on this photo shoot. Selena Gomez claims she is a huge fan of Adidas that not only has she already lent her face to various campaigns of the sports apparel brand, she also helped the brand design a line. Adidas could not have picked a better endorser and representative for the new Adidas line targeted at the younger generation.

Selena Gomez  looked so naturally gorgeous in the photo shoot that no one will question why Justin Bieber still has the hots for her and willing to buy $10,000 worth of flowers for her. The singer actress stuns people with her flawlessness and beauty even though she is in very casual clothes. For the springtime Adidas photo shoot, she wears a beanie, black pants, Danielle Steven's arrow ring, and a printed crop top. Her hair is left down with loose waves and her makeup is just subtle. For accessories, Selena wore a silver necklace, single cuff and several rings to complete her look. She is hardly in that gold gown that prompted Justin to call her an 'elegant princess' but she still radiates and glows.

Who needs makeup and gold gowns when you can have love? According to Hollywood Life, even though the young celebrities still need to make their reunion official, Justin Bieber has already declared his undying love. He loves her," a source connected to the couple shared to Hollywood Life. "He loves her smile and likes all the time, especially all this make-up time that they're having."

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