Selena Gomez Pregnancy Rumours Strike Again: Fact VS Fiction

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Selena was diagnosed with lupus several years ago
Her grandfather Ricardo Gomez told the press that the young pop star was suffering from lupus since several years but is getting along well with the treatments. REUTERS

Kate Middleton isn't the only royal celebrity plagued by pregnancy rumours. Former Disney princess, Selena Gomez is also being dogged by rumours of her being pregnant - with twins! "Selenators" may recall that this isn't the first time the singer has been haunted by such rumours ever since she got back together with Justin Bieber.

Back in May of 2013, Selena Gomez pregnancy rumours flooded the web. This was due to a Twitter live chat that was cancelled because of her "mystery illness."

"Sorry to everyone for having to cancel today. I am not sure if I am sick or ate some bad food but, I feel horrible. I am going to take the rest of the day and try and get better for tomorrow. So Sorry :( Love you guys," wrote Selena on her Twitter account.

Of course, some fans didn't take the excuse lightly and started rumours that her sickness was related to her being pregnant.

 "Oh my Gosh.... Selena Gomez is Pregnant!! LOL lmao xoxo," wrote Twitter user by the name of @GreysonsKeys.

A representative of Gomez however denied the rumours saying it was not in her "career path now or anytime soon" as reported by Hollywood Life.

Well, it looks like the pregnancy rumours have started up once again this 2014. All thanks to the "Jelena" reunion, there is talk on the web that Selena is pregnant with twins. The story started after an unknown source posted a sonogram photo of twins stating it belonged to Gomez.

The photo and story has already been deemed a hoax which was all started by a report from For one, all stories posted on the said Web site are nothing but false news.

"A site like eBuzzd is not a site about hoaxes, rather the eBuzzd site is itself a hoax," admits the publication, which later added further confirmation that Gomez and Bieber's pregnancy is nothing more than an internet hoax, saying, "Truth is, if you find stories on eBuzzd shocking or even real at all, then you should log off the Internet and go for a run. Basically, don't take anything serious on eBuzzd!" states the "About Me" section of the Web site.

"Selenators," "Beliebers" and "Jelena" shippers can rest easy knowing that Selena Gomez is not yet pregnant with Justin Bieber's baby.

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