Selena Gomez Pregnancy and Miscarriage Reports: Representative Denies the Claims as 'Not True'

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Selena Gomez has been embroiled in a false miscarriage and pregnancy report recently. There has been speculation in the media lately that Selena Gomez was pregnant with Justin Bieber's baby in 2012 and was keen to raise the baby, InTouch weekly magazine reported, said Daily Mail. Selena actually believed that the baby was a "sign" that she and Justin are meant to be together forever, the Web site reported. However, Selena Gomez went through a miscarriage when she was just two months pregnant, the magazine claimed.

The representative of "Come and Get It" singer has now slammed the rumours and released information which stated that Gomez was never pregnant in the first place. There was no miscarriage at all.

InTouch magazine had reported earlier that the singer was 16-years-old when she conceived first and was quite ready to carry her pregnancy forward just like her mother Marry Cornett, who too became pregnant with Selena when she was 16-years-old.

Selena Gomez was convinced that she would follow the footsteps of her own mother and Justin's mother and raise the baby, the magazine alleged, according to the Web site. Justin Bieber's mother too fell pregnant with Justin in her teenage years.

However the Canadian crooner did not feel the same way about Selena's pregnancy then and was convinced that he does not want a baby. 

"His team felt it would ruin his career because at the time he had a clean image. They thought it would take away from his reputation as a heartthrob if he were walking around with a baby carrier at 18. Or he'd look like a real jerk if he wasn't involved in bringing up his own child," Gossipcop reported, citing InTouch Weekly as source.

Justin also did his best to take care of Selena Gomez when she suffered miscarriage. However Selena was convinced that Justin did not want the baby and felt "hurt" and "alone," the Web site reports, according to Daily Mail.

However, recent reports from Selena's representative reveal that InTouch magazine story is "not true," Gossip cop reports. This is not the first time that Justin has been involved in a baby and pregnancy story. In 2010, a girl named Mariah Yeater said she was carrying Justin's baby. However, none of the stories have been true.

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