Selena Gomez Near Naked Photo-Shoots Have Changed Her Image

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Selena Gomez has truly evolved from a simple teen singing star to a diva. Time and time again, with her various public appearance and photo shoots, she has proved that she has an amazing sense of style. 

With 'Spring Breakers,' Selena took the first step towards changing her image. She posed naked and in a teeny-weeny bikini for the promotions and posters of the image.

The release of Gomez's album "Star Dance" was hailed by the critics. She was applauded for her new found confidence and sexy avatar post Justin break-up. The critic for wrote, "This album sort of is Selena's version of In The Zone - the transition into adulthood, the new found confidence and command of her sexuality and, of course, dealing with her own very public break-up with a very popular boy named Justin."

Then Gomez took our breath away in her cleavage revealing photo shoot for "In Style" magazine. Bieber's ex girlfriend shattered her 'Wizards of Waverly Palace' image in a red body suit with her cleavage popping out of a skin fit bustier.

And just when we were trying to take off our minds from her sexy body, she gave us one more jaw dropping moment with her semi-naked "Flaunt Magazine" photo shoot. Gomez slipped into lingerie for the black and white photo shoot. For the promotion of her shoot she even filmed a love making video with a hunk named Shiloh Fernandez.

The video named "Searching" showed Selena getting under the sheets with Shiloh. In various shots she was seen wearing low cut bras and panties.

Selena has indeed changed the definition of sexiness and that too without trying too hard.

What do you guys think about Selena's new sexy image?

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