Selena Gomez Meme is One of the Best Meme: Can be Used in Every Way Possible!

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Selena was diagnosed with lupus several years ago
Her grandfather Ricardo Gomez told the press that the young pop star was suffering from lupus since several years but is getting along well with the treatments. REUTERS

Internet surfers would understand what memes are. These are either a sketch of a person, a real photo of a person that depicts a certain emotion or mood. In Selena's case, she's depicting the face that most people show when they are doing anything and we mean anything.

Selena Gomez may be popular for being a Disney star who became a singer and who is the best friend of Taylor Swift. Gomez also became famous for dating Canadian singer, Justin Bieber and their infamous relationship has been well publicized by the media. The two broke up and have been said to be seeing other people but are back together once again even though most of Selena's friends disapprove of their relationship.

Now, Gomez is hitting the text messaging scene, funny sites and social media whereas a photo of her crying - almost crying but smiling, is used to depict various situations. There have even been conversations such as one user of the meme used:

"When you throw something at your friend and it accidentally hits someone else," and is followed closely by the photo of Selena Gomez, which many people have been having using recently.

Various social media sites have also been using the "Selena meme" just for pure fun. It looks like Selena Gomez's almost crying but happy face can be used to depict any situation and every event possible.

See how the meme is used by a few users who find it amusing:

The Selena Gomez Crying Meme Is Literally Applicable To Everything That Could Ever Happen

Selena Gomez is said to be on a rough patch with BFF Taylor Swift after news that the latter had warned Gomez to stop getting back with boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Swift was said to have wanted her BFF to go out with boybander, Niall Horan from One Direction who Swift is a good friend with. 

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