Selena Gomez is Making Justin Bieber Chase After Her, Driving Him Wild

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Selena was diagnosed with lupus several years ago
Her grandfather Ricardo Gomez told the press that the young pop star was suffering from lupus since several years but is getting along well with the treatments. REUTERS

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez cannot be more on again, with enough news reports of them get hot for each other coming out almost daily. However, even though they are back on each other's arms again, this does not mean Selena Gomez is willing to just give Justin Bieber everything he wants. According to Hollywood Life, Selena Gomez is playing mind games against Justin Bieber and Bieber cannot do anything about it. In fact, Justin seems to like chasing after Selena. Hollywood Life reports that Justin is doing all the chasing after Selena Gomez. The "Come and Get It" singer is playing hard to get, which is promptly making the "Beauty and the Beat" singer wild. This is just Selena's way of keeping Justin on his toes.

If earlier news reports of Justin Bieber's admissions that he will cheat on Selena given the opportunity and that he does not care about pleasing Selena's family or friends can be trusted, then this is quite a wise move on Selena's part. After all, she cannot just give it all to Justin and risk losing herself totally if Justin turns out to be a really bad boy after all.

"Justin wants Selena to be with him 24/7 right now but she's playing hard to get and it's really driving him wild," Hollywood Life reports. "The power has shifted in their relationship - he's the one doing the chasing right now."

However, Hollywood Life's source also claimed that "they're always going back and forth, and up and down," saying that Justin and Selena's relationship is more like a "roller coaster" than anything else.

"That lack of stability is a part of the excitement for Justin - it keeps him interested," Hollywood Life further reports. "Selena is the only girl in Justin's life that will stand up to him - she's the only girl who won't pick up the phone when he calls, and that's exciting for him."

The couple is certainly the hottest right now, with Justin Bieber declaring his love one minute and then claiming he can cheat on her the next. Selena is not going to take all these mumbo jumbo sitting down. Selena also swore she will do everything to keep their relationship, even going to Los Angeles with him if she has to, but it is nice to see that she is doing some things to at least preserve her dignity.

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