Selena Gomez Left UNICEF Event With 'Scruffy-looking' Guy

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Justin Bieber who? Selena Gomez surely is taking things a bit "swiftly" with the boys she's dating from one night to the next. News has it that after the UNICEF event, Gomez was spotted leaving with a "scruffy-looking" guy wearing the same white flower on Selena's hair during her performance. Who is this guy and what is Gomez doing with each of her new flames?

Ever since the famous split between the "Jelena" duo, both Selena and Justin are obsessed on who can move on better. Bieber has been rumored to be hanging around with models and taking off clothes during his onstage performances. On the other hand, Gomez has been spotted dating one guy to the next.

First off, Gomez was spotted leaving the Golden Globes 2013 after party with "Hunger Games" hunk, Josh Hutcherson. While both stars refused to talk about the incident, it was clear that something went down. However Hutcherson wasn't the only guy that night Selena had eyes for.

Some onlookers claim that Gomez was seen holding hands with Luke Bracey. Bracey was Selena's co-star in the film, "Monte Carlo" of 2011. Insiders tell US Weekly that Gomez was "super close" with Australian actor, Bracey.

It doesn't stop there because news has it that Selena was seen leaving her private UNICEF concert with another male. During the charity concert where Selena covered the song "Cry Me a River" and "I Knew You Were Trouble", Gomez was seen wearing a white flower on her hair. However, right after the performance, the flower moved on to an unidentified male leaving with Selena. Page Six reports that Gomez was hurriedly leaving the event with a "scruffy-looking" young guy.

"Looking slightly disheveled, Selena posed with fans before joining the dark-haired young man in her car. He was wearing a white flower from Selena's headband in his own hair," stated the report.

With all the paparazzi gathered outside of Selena's hotel, The London, Gomez had to enter the building alone. The "scruffy-looking" guy was nowhere to be found.

Ironically, all these "dates" make no sense especially with reports claiming Selena has "sworn off" men and dating.

"Selena has sworn off men for the time being," says a source to Radar Online, adding, "She just wants to be free to do what she wants to do and not have to worry about anyone else but herself. It's been a while since she's been able to do that."

Obviously, that doesn't look like the deal because hanging with one guy to another isn't the definition of "swearing off" men. Selena must get her priorities straightened out.

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