Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Shocking Controversies: From Justin's DUI Arrest to Selena's Rehab Stint

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Since the last few months, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are making it to a lot of press. Be it their so- called reunion or Justin's DUI arrest or Selena's Lupus disease and rehab stint, there is rarely any controversy which has not touched the ex-couple. We take a look at the most shocking incidents and melt down moments of Selena and Justin.

Justin Bieber is a known troublemaker and in past few months he has been marred by various controversies. It all started when in last July he peed in a mop bucket in a restaurant and what really made this peeing incident atrocious was his shouting " F**** you Bill Clinton" in public.

After that Justin came into lime light for going to a brothel in Brazil and for sleeping with an unknown Brazilian girl names Tati Neves. During his Australian tour the governor tracked down Justin for making graffiti on a hotel wall

In Jan. 2014, Justin's house was raided by police for an egging incident. He was arrested for alleged DUI charges and for drag racing in Miami. He was even rumored to send unceremonious messages and pictures to Selena Gomez which apparently made their 2014 reunion short livid.

On the other hand is Selena Gomez. The first meltdown moment of "Come and Get It" singer came when she couldn't control her tears while singing a love ballad, "Love Will Remember" during a concert in Brooklyn. Reportedly, the love ballad was written for Justin and Selena choked up while thinking about him.

Her second break down surfaced when she was caught lip-syncing in December at a Jingle Bell concert.  After Selena finished with her song, the mic went live and she was caught saying " What the f***k?" Thereafter, Selena left the stage hurriedly to save herself from embarrassment.

And now the buzz is that Selena Gomez has checked in rehab for young adult issues and relationship troubles.

Here are a just a few shocking moments regarding Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's incidents and meltdowns. Let us know your thoughts.

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