Selena Gomez Hounded by Pregnancy Reports Involving Justin Bieber

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Selena Gomez entered rehab early in March. “Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse,” claims rep for the "Come & Get It" singer.

Another report has gone rampant on the web involving former Disney star, Selena Gomez. According to news, the "Come & Get It" singer had been impregnated by Justin Bieber and suffered a miscarriage. However, a representative for the songstress finally speaks up on the rumours silencing them once and for all.

The Internet is filled with a lot of rumours and the latest involves estranged lovers, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Reports claim that Selena had been impregnated by the Canadian singer. Yet, Gomez had allegedly suffered a miscarriage due to the stress constant scandals Bieber has been involved in.

"In 2012, she got pregnant and miscarried Justin's baby... Nothing in her life has been the same since," claims an "insider" to InTouch Magazine.

"She wanted that baby. She was convinced it was meant to be and that it was a sign that she and Justin should be together forever. His team felt it would ruin his career because at the time he had a clean image," continued the report.

The reports by InTouch magazine are of course deemed fake. In a report by US Magazine, a representative of the songstress had slammed the reports calling them "100 percent fictional." Selena Gomez is not pregnant nor did she get pregnant by Justin Bieber.

In other Gomez-related news, the 21-year old was recently spotted at the American Ballet Theatre Opening 2014. Other celebrities in attendance include Victoria's Secret model, Karlie Kloss, Coco Rocha, Emmy Rossum and Kelly Rowland.

On Tuesday, Gomez was spotted with her hands full at the Los Angeles International Airport which would probably be her haul of are gallery items. The singer-actress spent most of her time visiting art galleries after her MET Gala reunion with Taylor Swift.

"Ah, @gagosiangallery art exhibit for Harm!! So proud,'" wrote Gomez along with a photo of her pal. Gomez was in New York to attend an art exhibit by a friend at the Gagosian Gallery.

Check out her Instagram posts of her gallery visit below.

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