Selena Gomez Hits Bong, Sniffs Cocaine & Goes Nude for 'Spring Breakers' [PHOTOS & VIDEO]


Apparently, Selena Gomez did not only smoke a joint for the film "Spring Breakers." News has it that the former Disney star had also hit a bong, gone naked and snorted cocaine. Is Selena that desperate to prove to her fans she's all grown up? How true are all the talks?

The cast of "Spring Breakers" have gone from France to Rome promoting the Harmony Korine-directed film. Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Rachel Korine and Ashley Benson have been promoting the film in sultry ways with their flesh and cleavage baring outfits. Though this move is nothing compared to what Selena had done on film, Gomez had allegedly gone nude for a scene on the film.

If anything, Gomez knows what dedication means. Not only did Selena practice smoking for her role as Faith in "Spring Breakers" but sources say Gomez did something even worse. The trailer would show Selena smoking from a bong and getting drunk on the streets alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson. Another jaw-dropping scene involving Selena is the part where she goes nude.

Well, if that would be Selena. A few sources had claimed Selena went topless for a scene with Ashley Benson where she had to snort cocaine off Gomez's tummy. However, representatives of Gomez claimed that the scene involved a body double and not Selena Gomez.

As for cocaine, Selena and Vanessa allegedly got too wild on set after snorting the illegal substance. Yet, once again cocaine wasn't really used for the film. The only things the girls managed to get high on were crushed vitamins.

"We would run around set like mad men, and people would wonder, "Did you switch that out with anything?"" stated Vanessa Hudgens in an interview with Paper Magazine.

That would certainly clear up a few rumours. As for "Spring Breakers", the film is set to hit theatres worldwide by March 22. Oscar nominee, James Franco is also in the film starring as a drug dealer who gets the girls out of trouble and in for a lot of hell.

Check out their promotional photos in the slideshow and watch the trailer below.

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