Selena Gomez is in Glamour's Best Dressed: Gomez's Hottest Looks this 2013 [PHOTOS]


Selena Gomez has once again made it to Glamour's Best Dressed list of 2013. The former Disney stars joins moguls in the business, Emma Watson Kristen Stewart and Emma Stone. Check out Selena's hottest looks that made her a part of the fashionable list in the industry.

Kristen Stewart has officially nabbed this year's title of Glamour's best dressed. Of course, other notable names on the list deserve the attention as well. Emma Watson of the "Harry Potter" series failed to make it to number one falling short at the second spot while mother to be, Kate Middleton drops at third place.

Taylor Swift makes it to fifth place while her BFF, Selena Gomez is found all the way at number 25. Still, it is a reason for "Selenators" to celebrate given being included in the list is an honour especially for celebrities.

Selena Gomez's style has definitely come a long way since her Disney days. The 20-year old singer has certainly ditched the jeans, shirt and sneakers look for the glamorous gowns, heels and make up. Since the "Spring Breakers" debut, Gomez has been flaunting her sexier and edgier style.

In fact, Gomez's countless performances for "Come & Get It" has featured her wearing clothing that bares almost everything save for her boobs and bum. Fans still question whether or not Selena is sporting any clothing for her official music video of "Come & Get It" given the teaser photo she had tweeted yesterday was of her submerged in water.

Fans will have to wait until May 7 to see the official music video of Selena's latest hit single. As for Selena's sexy and sultry style, check out the slideshow to see Selena Gomez's hottest looks this 2013 which earned her a spot in Glamour's Best Dressed list.

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