Selena Gomez Flaunts Legs & More for 'Spring Breakers' Premiere [PHOTOS]


Bieber might be flaunting his abs consistently during his tours but that doesn't seem to get Gomez's' attention. By the looks of it, Gomez is learning from Justin because the lovely Latina has been flaunting her legs and more at her recent premiere at Paris for "Spring Breakers." Take a look at Selena's grown up get-ups for "Spring Breakers" Premiere.

The break-up from Justin Bieber doesn't seem to be affecting Selena Gomez the least bit. In fact, judging from Selena's Facebook and Twitter posts, the 20-year old is extremely happy and busy as well. The singer-actress flew to Paris along with her "Spring Breakers" co-stars, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine for the premiere of their film. While there, Selena, Vanessa and Ashley took their time shopping and dining in the grand city of Paris.  

Of course, it wasn't all play time for the girls. Right after, Vanessa, Selena and Ashley dressed up for the premiere of the film in Germany. While the girls are enough to get the attention of the press, Selena's outfit caused quite the uproar.

The former Disney star flaunted her cleavage in a low cut Atelier Versace suit. Gomez had paired off the formfitting outfit with Casadei black pumps. Selena's outfit surely proved she's all grown up and "breaking out." The 20-year old is definitely taking cue from BFF, Taylor Swift who has also been spotted wearing revealing outfits during the past red carpet events.

Apart from the cleavage baring outfit, Gomez had also been photographed wearing a blue dress that showed off a bit of side boobs. It looks as if former Disney stars have a knack at wearing outfits that reveal much of their front such as Miley Cyrus. In another photo taken behind the scenes of the "Spring Breakers" premiere, Selena is seen wearing an overly short white dress baring her long legs.

Like Bieber, Selena is sending out a message clearly saying its Justin's loss and not hers. Take a look at the slideshow and see Selena in her most revealing outfit yet. With the "Spring Breakers" premiere still on going, Gomez surely has a lot of racy outfits in store.

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