Selena Gomez Drinks, Parties and Hangs Out with 'Bad Crew,' Freinds Worried, Justin Bieber Not Responsible - Reports

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Selena Gomez
Actress and singer Selena Gomez poses for a portrait while promoting her movie ''Spring Breakers'' in Los Angeles, California March 16, 2013. REUTERS/MARIO ANZUONI

Selena Gomez seems to forget that she just came out of rehab six months ago. As of late, the songstress has been partying like there's no tomorrow as proven by a number of reports.

Just half a year ago after she came out from a two-week stint in rehab, the "Naturally" singer is already partying more and harder than ever, Radar Online reports. After an exciting July 4 weekend, Radar Online is now reporting too that her partying ways are beyond normal already, because it is causing her friends to worry about her. Friends are especially worried that she's hanging with a "very bad crew" that can lead her towards a dangerous path. Surprisingly, despite their names being together almost on every single news of partying and love drama, her friends did not put the blame on Justin Bieber this time. It's all Selena, Radar Online shares.

"Selena was definitely feeling no pain over the weekend at 4th of July festivities in Malibu," claims the insider.

"There were numerous trips to the bathroom with and Selena would emerge several minutes later, giggling, and holding her nose," the insider added. Her behaviour could be chucked as normal partying behaviour, especially on a day that allows for some celebration, but the insider said such behavior is "extremely concerning" to those around the singer-actress.  

The source also shared that her friends are worried about her hanging with the wrong crowd.

"Selena is hanging out with a very bad crew right now," according to the source. "These are new friends Selena has recently made since being released from rehab. These definitely wouldn't be approved for any person attempting to lead a sober life," the source detailed.

As Radar exclusively reported, Gomez entered rehab for a drinking and drug problem in January, but she left treatment just two weeks after her arrival and continued partying in the following months.)

Previous reports on Selena and Justin's toxic relationship can make people think this partying behaviour is because of Justin. However, the source said this is not the case this time.

"This can't be blamed on Justin Bieber, this is completely separate from his world, and this is Selena's world and her rules," the source shared.

Even if Justin Bieber is not the cause of her wild partying ways, he certainly is for all her other extreme behaviours, such as reportedly getting a boob job and acting weird on Instagram. A recent report on their current status can shed light on this.

"They are not in a good place right now," Hollywood Life reports. "They are being immature and playing games with each other rather than completely ending it or starting up again."

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