Selena Gomez Drinking after Rehab Makes Parents Worried Sick

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Just months after her rehab stint, Selena Gomez has been seen out and about, with a drink always in hand. Her drinking and partying escalated after she fought with parents and friends over reconciliation with Justin Bieber, reportedly. Could Justin Bieber be the cause of why she is drinking and partying too much after rehab? Selena's parents think so and are worried sick.

Selena Gomez did not go to rehab because of her uncontrollable drinking and partying ways in the first place. In fact, Selena Gomez was not asked to check herself in to rehab. She did it on her volition after she decided to sought help for the problems she was facing in part of her the tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber.

However, she has been drinking and partying too much lately that some people are getting worried, especially since she is also in every news because of her reconciliation with Justin Bieber.

Various sources have confirmed to In Touch that Gomez has been out drinking and partying - on multiple occasions, sometimes alone and sometimes with a group of friends. Aside from drinking, Selena has also been spotted smoking on certain occasions.

After a fight with her mother and stepfather, reportedly because of their disapproval of her getting back together with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena checked in at the Sunset Tower hotel for a week. Many have witnessed the former Disney star drinking almost every day. . "She looked like she'd been at it for a while," one of these witnesses tells In Touch. "Her lips were stained from the red wine she was drinking."

Selena was also seen at the hotel's Tower Bar and Restaurant with several friends on St. Patrick's Day, being loud and quite rowdy. According to a witness who is also on the same restaurant, "They didn't order food. They just kept ordering rounds of drinks and going out to smoke cigarettes," and that "they definitely seemed drunk."

Selena has not done anything scandalous yet to say her drinking and partying is already uncontrollable, except for stumbling during Vanity Fair Oscars Party. Selena is also a young celebrity that many consider to have the right head on her shoulder so she will not do something unwise. However, this certainly does not prevent her parents from being worried. "Her family is begging her to get back into rehab, and to stop talking to Justin," a source close to Selena discloses.

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