Selena Gomez Disgusted Beyond Limits By Justin Bieber 'Nipple' Photo and Stripper Spanking Video?

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Justin Bieber has gone completely out of control. After the egg throwing scandal, DUI arrest, alleged drug addiction problem, next comes his strip club debauchery. The "Believe" singer apparently got dirty with two strippers during one of his strip club visits. reported that Justin Bieber alleged racy video shows him spanking two strippers and pulling down their panties and the buzz is that soon the video will be made public.

Just yesterday, Justin's racy photo while allegedly battering stripper's fake breasts got leaked. Justin's scandalous photo has shocked his fans and TMZ reports that this photo is from a party in LA. Are Justin's eccentricities the reason why Selena Gomez did not rekindle the relationship?

Justin and Selena got together at the onset of 2014. The couple even posted their picture on Instagram fuelling unison rumors. However, within week the couple took their separate paths. The buzz was Justin's growing closeness with Miami model Chantel Jefferies drove away Selena, but now it seems that it's Justin's wild behavior which has made the couple part ways.

A source revealed to, "Selena is sick of him doing all of these things and never taking responsibility."

Reportedly, after the Justin's photo with stripper got leaked, Justin told Selena that it was all a joke and she should not take the photo seriously.

A source close to Selena told, "It was all a joke, just a big joke' - that's what Justin told Selena. He said they posed like that because they lost a bet and it was just a joke that never should have gone public because it was an inside joke."

However, Selena is completely taken aback by Justin's photo and she thinks it is very uncivilized of Justin to do such things.

The source further added "Selena would rather him just be honest. She doesn't think it was a joke anyway, and if it was a joke or a bet, it's completely gross and immature."

Well, do you think Selena is sick of Justin's irresponsible behavior and is this the reason for their split?

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