Selena Gomez Disappointed with Justin Bieber Again, Did Their Fight Cost her a Marriage Proposal?

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Selena Gomez has had it with Justin Bieber's hot and cold attitude and this might have cost her a marriage proposal and the latter the chance to be her husband. While Selena Gomez did not ever hide the fact that she would want to settle down with Justin Bieber and his kids soon, with the young singer reciprocating her feelings, the constant promises and expectations being broke is driving Selena Gomez nuts.

According to Hollywood Life, Selena Gomez unfollowed Justin Bieber because she thought  he was playing with her feelings again, leaving her on his trip to Japan and being too close to Kylie Jenner for comfort. Justin Bieber later on claimed he is disappointed for not being able to propose to his future wife because things have changed, raising speculations that their big fight on the Coachella event led to a breakup, for real.

"They had a big fight after Coachella but she hasn't been broadcasting the details," says a source in a report by Hollywood Life.

"She's very private when it comes to her and Justin, it's really embarrassing for her, so she tries to keep it very private. All I know is that after Coachella, she was a mess and she and Justin are fighting again," added the online report.

On April 26, Justin Bieber posted a sad-looking Instagram picture of him standing alone on a boulder in Central Park with an equally-sad caption that read: ""Was gonna wait to go to Central Park for when I proposed to my future wife but s**t - sometimes things change."

Justin Bieber did not name Selena Gomez, but it was easy to speculate. After all, their names are so often in the said sentence in all news reports. Many started to speculate that Justin Bieber missed out on the opportunity to hear Selena Gomez say yes to his proposal after the outcome of their fight at Coachella.

If Selena Gomez is still pining away for her dream to become Justin Bieber's wife, she should not be too worried. According to Bieber, he still still has plans for a fancy proposal sometime soon. The singer also wrote: "I'll think of something more romantic."

As long as Justin Bieber meant Selena Gomez when he said "future wife," of course. First off, they should find a way to patch things up between themselves first.

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