Selena Gomez Dating Niall Horan to Make Justin Bieber Jealous?

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After photos of Selena Gomez with Niall Horan emerged online, the dating rumours sparked. While some former "Jelena" fans aren't pleased with the latest pairing, some can't help but think that "Nialena" is a better pairing than the former. Yet, what's all this talk about Selena only dating Niall just to make Justin Bieber jealous?

After her two week rehab from a tumultuous split from Justin Bieber, the "Come & Get It" singer appears to be happier and healthier these days. In fact, in spite of all the drama involving her former beau, Selena is turning a deaf ear and blind eye to all the talks. She's certainly focusing on a new man in her life. Could this be One Direction's Niall Horan?

The pair was spotted in London taking photos with a number of fans after their "date" at Nando's. Both singers had recently split from their partners with Selena from Justin and Niall from Barbara Palvin. Thus, enjoying each other's company seemed to be great idea. Yet, reports claim Selena Gomez is only using Niall Horan to make Justin Bieber jealous.

"She knows it's going to piss Justin off because he always says that 1D is trying to steal his crown," says a source to Hollywood Life.

However, is there a chance at romance between these two love birds? Well, that doesn't seem like the case as claimed by the source in Hollywood Life's report.

"Selena is happy but it's not looking like a huge relationship is going to come out of this recent hook-up. Friends with benefits is what she likes at this time," continues the source, adding, "She'll hang out with him again because he will be able to take her to some special places."

"Directioners" sure as heck won't be happy with Selena Gomez and her alleged plans. Hopefully, Niall Horan hasn't invested too much of his time and emotions in Gomez. For one, there are other lovely ladies vying for his attention with genuine intentions.

As for Gomez, maybe it's time to really move on from the "Jelena" ship that has long sunk down to the bottom of the sea.

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