Selena Gomez Can be The Next Katy Perry Under New Manager

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Katy Perry
Considered the number 3 most hot woman in the world, singer Katy Perry is also known as Katherine Elizabeth Hudson. Reuters

Selena Gomez recently fired her parents as her manager and while many speculated that she will hire Kris Jenner as her manager so that she can take her career to the next level, Selena Gomez has her eyes set on an entirely different career success as Kris Jenner can give her. In particular, she has her eyes set on the kind of success Katy Perry has.

According to NY Daily, the 21 year old "Come and Get It" singer hired Katy Perry's manager, Bradford Cobb after severing professional ties with her parents Mandy Teefy and stefather Brian Teefy. While her parents felt blindsided at first, everyone has moved on for Selena Gomez's success. Selena Gomez claimed that she has already outgrown her parents' managing style and family problems did not influence her decision.

Selena's choice, Cobb comes as no surprise. Earlier on, Gomez was interested in inking a deal with Cobb, who also manages "American Idol" alumni Adam Lambert along with Katy Perry. In addition, Cobb is one of Billboard's 40 executives under 40 in July 2013.  "For me, it's really about the team," he shared with Billboard

Now that Katy Perry and Selena Gomez share the same manager, can we expect Selena Gomez and Katy Perry to have the same styles? Not likely.

According to Cobb, "Everyone (at Direct Management Group) works on all of the clients, and we build the right team for each artist."

A new manager just might do Selena Gomez a world of good. Even though her parents have ensured her name has become a household one, more can be done to launched her into stardom, especially with her music career. She has a long way ahead of her to achieve what Katy Perry achieved in the music scene. Selena Gomez has legions of fans, especially kids who grew up watching her in Disney channel and people who associate her as Justin Bieber's girlfriend, but her albums and songs still have the wrack the same level of following as her fellow young singers such as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Cobb just might be the answer to her singing dreams. 

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