Selena Gomez Blocks Justin Bieber From Communicating With Her

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"Jelena" haters should rejoice, Selena Gomez finally blocked Justin Bieber from her phone. Their chances of reconciling is now zero. Unless of course, fate want them together. However, for now, Hollywood Life reports that Justin Bieber has no way of reaching Selena's phone anymore. Aside from claiming she does not care who Justin Bieber dates anymore, the "Come and Get It" singer shows proof of how much she does not care about Justin's business anymore by cutting off all communication ties with him.

According to Hollywood Life, Selena Gomez had it with Justin's immaturity and commitment issues for good. The final straw was when Selena Gomez caught a lot of inappropriate texts and pictures of girls on the Canadian singer's phone, including those from the Jenner sisters, Kylie and Kendall. Ever since their breakup, Justin has been reportedly going out on several dates to make Selena jealous. None of his antics worked, and it looks as if Justin Bieber pushed Selena to block him from her phone for good. The more Justin Bieber hopes Selena can notice him, the more Selena wants to block him away from her life for good.

"Selena has blocked Justin's number," Hollywood Life reports. "She's not talking to him or looking at his social media - she is really trying to forget him, since he's not willing to be committed. She's done with letting him get away with cheating on her."

Jelena fans certainly will not see any reconciliation soon with this new development, or ever for that matter.

"She's not going to be his shoulder to cry on, or support him in his latest crisis. Unless he really proves he can step up to the plate -  like an engagement ring might do it - but otherwise she's done and she just wants to let it go," Hollywood Life further reports. "She doesn't even want to hold a grudge, she just wants to close that chapter of her life. She's angry now but that's helping her get through the pain so it's a good thing."

If there is any indication that the two should move on from each other for good, or from their toxic relationship, then this is it. Selena Gomez has finally come into her senses. The brash story of her miscarrying Justin Bieber's baby back in 2012 by In Touch Weekly probably pushed her buttons the worst way and made her realize she's better off not to be in association with Justin Bieber.

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