Selena Gomez Allegedly Hooked Up with Girl at Club?

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Selena Gomez may have appeared the least bit affected since the "Jelena" split. Yet, news broke out of Selena's breakdown months after sources close to the couple confirm Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are no longer together. Now, it looks as if Gomez has been the most affected by the split given her latest hook-up with a woman.

Has Selena Gomez officially ruled off dating men since the split from Justin Bieber? Apparently, that may be the case given Selena was spotted making out with a sexy brunette at the Los Angeles hotspot, Beacher's Madhouse, over the weekend. In a report by Star, Gomez was allegedly kissing the woman on the mouth for minutes.

"Selena her new ladyfriend were 'sitting on each other's laps and couldn't stop holding hands and touching. Selena started kissing her on the lips. It went on for a few minutes," reports the insider.

Gomez appeared to be enjoying the moment that onlookers had to turn away due to the awkwardness. Representatives of Gomez still have not spoken up on the issue. Regardless, should "Selenators" be affected by Gomez's change of perspective on dating?

This isn't the first time Gomez had been involved in a "Lesbian" issue. Back in 2012, a photo of Selena making out with a blonde circulated on the web. A web tabloid even captioned it as "Selena locking lipes with a sexy blonde, should Justin Bieber be intimidated?" The photo was however proven to be a fake by reps of Gomez.

In all honesty, would Gomez be half the person that she is if she were proven to be Lesbian? Does making out with another woman instantly put a person into the "Lesbian category?" Fans may recall the girl-on-girl lip-locking action has been much glamourized in Hollywood films of which includes Selena's "Spring Breakers."

While Gomez might not have kissed another girl in the film, Gomez's co-stars certainly did. Did it matter to them and their fans? The answer is, "no." Even if Selena made out with a hundred women over the week, it wouldn't affect how great her album "Stars Dance" is doing in the Billboard charts.

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